The benefits of strategic analysis

Seven reasons to undertake strategic analysis.

They are drawn from real experiences that organisations have described to us.

If you want to hear it straight from our members, have a look at our Personal Stories page. You can watch Richard Boyd from Disability Essex talk about the benefits for his organisation.

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To survive and succeed long-term, you need to think and plan long-term.


Strategic analysis demonstrates an organisation's relevance and viability. It increases your organisation's credibility. So your funding applications are more likely to succeed.

“Whole organisation” approach

Looking at your external environment can help you take a whole organisation approach. It will help you work out how different trends might affect different elements of your project, group or organisation.

Paul Sullivan from Shelter says

“Without environmental analysis an organisation doesn’t consider the way things are changing around them, so no analysis is done and you never notice that things have moved on around you.”

Sound goals

Choosing the right path is challenging. Strategic analysis will help you make the right decisions to make your organisation more effective.

External focus

An effective organisation can identify and respond to opportunities and threats. Internal focus alone is not enough.

Clear expectations

Everyone with a stake in your organisation helps to ensure your strategy is relevant and appropriate.


Analysis will help you meet your objectives in a smarter, more effective and savvy way. It is an endless source of ideas that will inspire you to innovate and improvise.

Forewarned is forearmed: discover the strategic analysis challenges other organisations have faced

Personal Story

Richard Boyd from Disability Essex talks about the benefits of undertaking strategic analysis for his organisation. Listen here (password: foresight) Watch the video: Benefits of Strategic Analysis from Kathryn Cook on Vimeo.


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