What's changing about the world of work and employees?

Our NCVO Third Sector Foresight seminar on 18 November will be looking at one aspect of this – the workforce. Speakers including Jo Causon (director of marketing and corporate affairs at the Chartered Management Institute) and Richard Worsley (co-director of the Tomorrow Project) will be putting forward their thoughts about elements of age and workforce, the implications of different generations and what they bring to the world of work.

The interaction between technology and work is another key aspect when looking at the world of employment. Technological developments continue to open up possibilities for shifts in working practices. The number of people working from home hasn’t increased as much as some would have predicted: technology doesn’t drive social change, it is how people pick up on the technology that drives this change. Increasingly mainstream and affordable technologies are providing people with more ways of being flexible, being mobile with their work.

So the technology is there, is the mindset? I think people are more and more seeing work as no longer somewhere you go but something you do. It sounds obvious but this is actually a fundamental shift in the way people think about working.

Recent research from CBS Outdoor highlights a £9 billion annual benefit to the national economy of working on the move. Figures like this position mobile, flexible working as a key trend going into the current uncertain economic future. This is a way of working smarter and more effectively; it contributes to staff satisfaction and helps accommodate individual workers’ needs. Important for the business sector but arguably essential for the voluntary sector. Going forward, organisations can develop their outreach and fleet-footedness by embracing the potential of new technologies. Have you thought about how incorporating this into your planning could not only improve your organisation’s effectiveness but position you as a forward-thinking, attractive employer? This all sounds great but, particularly for the smaller organisations, the cost keeps this a pipe dream. There are options however that may make this dream a little more real. Is it a case of sititing tight and waiting for the technology to become more affordable?Should you be looking into options such as unified communications? Perhaps this can open up options for collaborative working...

Do you have insights on the implications of new technology on working practice? Share it with us!

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Third Sector Foresight

Interested in this topic? Have a look at our Future Focus publication What will our volunteers be like in five years' time? How might the changing faces of volunteering, and approaches to volunteering affect your workforce? The voluntary and community sector is heavily dependent on volunteers; what might any shifts in this pool of people mean?

Future Focus 6 on what the UK population will look like in 5 years' time also has some really relevant thoughts. Among other trends, this booklet looks at changes to work and employment, and levels of skills.

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