The impact of migration on the VCS – free seminar report

There has been a marked increase in immigration to Britain since the mid-1990s. In particular, some of this migration has been in areas that have not previously experienced high levels of migration. (See global population movement). This has inevitably resulted in a changing UK population with changing needs. The effects of migration will have a broad impact on all organisations across the sector, not just those working with immigrants. The broader VCS is not currently geared to meeting the needs of new migrants but it has a key role in developing an understanding of the impact of migration at community level and of diverse migrant needs.

In April we held another seminar in our series of Third Sector Foresight seminars which sought to explore how migration might impact on different areas of the VCS in the future (funding, service delivery, policy, community cohesion, workforce) and to help organisations consider the opportunities and risks for them and possible future responses. The report from this seminar is now available.

The report summarises three very informative and interesting presentations which each examined the implications of migration on the VCS in different ways. Emma Stone, Principal Research Manager from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation presented some of the key findings from their research on the impact of migration on the UK. She explored how migration has changed over the last few years, how it is likely to change in future and highlighted some of the potential effects this might have upon the VCS and public sector in particular. Marc Verlot, Director of Foresight at the Equality and Human Rights Commission then examined how migration will affect issues around equality, human rights and good relations in the UK in the future. The potential implications for the VCS arising from the issues raised in these two presentations were then summarised by Dr Patricia Walls, Research Officer at NCVO. Her presentation highlighted several potential opportunities and risks which organisations need to think about strategically, if they are to plan effectively for the future.

The rest of the report brings together discussion from the VCOs who attended on the potential opportunities and risks that migration might pose for their organisation or the sector as a whole. The report provides a good summary of the current issues the VCOs need to think about in relation to the VCS and was designed to be read by those who didn’t attend.

How is migration affecting your organisation? What opportunities or risks has it bought? How do you think migration (decreased or increased) migration might impact on it in the future? Why not add your thoughts here?

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How will this affect your organisation? Have you considered it during your strategic planning? Can you share any interesting relevant links?

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