Techie trends - flash in the pan or key tools for your work?

It’s the turn of the decade and predictions abound. The Evening Standard recently produced its version: what impact will technology be having on our lives in 2020 ? You’ll be able to control the TV with your mind, play games telepathically, and even have your fridge make your shopping list for you. Sounds like this will all make for a great weekend, but how is it also relevant for your working week?

The Power of your mind

How can using the power of your mind to control machines help you support your beneficiaries? Well, imagine how this technology could open up the lives of those who currently rely on others to do things for them. If you work with this section of society, for example war veterans, will you need to provide training for them on using this new technology? Will you need to widen your support to help them with more than just how they deal with everyday tasks? Should you already be trying to hook up with the technology experts who are developing this? Who’d have thought Sky developments could impact on your work so much?!

A healthier technology?

Other key trends that the Evening Standard’s experts highlight link into health. They say technology will supplant the traditional drug treatment in, for example, mental health. There are a wide range of organisations that work with people affected by poor mental health; from the obvious such as MIND to the less directly connected such as those who provide support for people who are unemployed. Might organisations such as these be able to invest in the technology? Will we see a blurring between the traditional doctor’s role and the role of organisations? But isn’t this just an issue for health care providers to be aware of, I hear you ask? Well of course it’s something they  need to be aware of, and planning for, but these are developments which will affect all of society and so whoever you support . To make the most of this information on what’s changing, you should sit down and work out how your own operation and your beneficiaries might be affected

Being Mobile

Mobiles will become ever more powerful, and accessible:

we’ll be able to use mobile devices to do things supercomputers couldn’t do.

How could you tap into this? Can you communicate with your users more effectively through mobiles? Fundraising, a key activity for most charities, is also an area where technological developments are opening up new avenues. How? See our driver on online revenue generation for some ideas. Think of Charlie Simpsonand the role the internet played in increasing exponentially the money he raised for Haiti. Have a look at our driver on ubiquitous connectivity to explore further the implications of mobile techie developments for you.

So there you have it: implications for the sector crop up everywhere – even in the Life and Style section of London’s Evening Standard! You’ve just got to be looking for these crossovers between your work and wider social trends. Next time you hear about Sky’s latest initiative, give some thought as to what it could mean for you and those you support. For more help on this and how to think these implications through, see what we have to offer at

Foresight: here to help you think through the future.

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