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Something for the weekend

A quick roundup of some of the most interesting links I've followed today. Should be something in there for everyone - some equality, some finance, some big society, community responsibility and technology!

A bit of equality

So today is the day that the Equalities Act goes live. The Government equalities office have a handy little guide which talks about what it means for voluntary and community organisations. If you want to think a bit longer-term about it (and let’s face it, if you’re reading this, it’s because you see the value of doing just that!) then have a look at our driver on this Act.

A bit of finance

Can charities break the cycle of “you ask, I give, you spend, you ask"? This article explores the growing trend of microloans, but gives a warning shot across the bow. As with pretty much everything, this is no silver bullet. Microloans can be effective but they need to be used in the right situations. How might they change the face of charity funding?

A bit of BS

The Big Society provides the opportunity to revolutionise fundraising, according to Sam Middleton. Refreshing to read an article that is quite positive about Big Society, this also approaches it from a slightly different angle.

This post from Community Links suggests the importance of understanding how to initiate behaviour change, in the face of Big Society. If we’re to make this work, people need to come on board. The article may also spark some thoughts for you of how you can engage people more effectively with what you do.

A bit of tech

Don’t be put off by the site’s title (or the slightly gloomy start)! This is a futures-based piece looking at what technology can do to facilitate smart cities. Mooted here as part of the future of regeneration, it also links in with greater community responsibility (Big Society rears its head again here – where doesn’t it?!).

I also love their term ‘geekocracy’ (what we’ve called the digital divide).

Hope you enjoy this little selection and it distracts you from the UK weather outside! What have you read today that's piqued your interest?

Last updated at 11:46 Fri 01/Oct/10.
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Third Sector Foresight

Nice article on smart cities - ties in neatly with what I've been reading about the British Council's Future City Game this week - although it's considerably less techy-orientated, it still keys into a wider rising trend in co-creation and de-centralised planning inititiatives. Move aside Mr Haussmann!

With over 50% of the global population now living in urban areas for the first time, finding new ways of organising ourselves and our built environment is a really critical area right now - and one I'm trying to keep an eye on.

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