Scenarios for policy making process and the public policy agenda in 2014

What impact would a re-elected Labour Government or a new Conservative one have on your organisation? What would the effects of this be combined with a short, sharp recession or a long, deep one? How would these possible changes affect the way your organisation develops and influences policy as well as the environment in which you operate?

The potential implications of a change of government and a recession are explored in these four scenarios which were developed with members of the NCVO Policy Forum at a seminar we ran with them a few months ago. You can download the scenarios here (scroll down to access the pdf attachment).

Some questions that might help you think through the impact of the scenarios on your organisation:

• What implications do the scenarios have for how and where policy decisions are made? Where will decision-making powers lie and what are the routes of influence? Will the changes enhance or diminish your ability to influence the policy process?
• How might the public policy agenda change under each of the scenarios? To what extent will these changes fall in or out of line with your organisation’s own policy agenda?
• What impact will the scenarios have on your users, members or beneficiaries? What implications will this have for your policy agenda? Might your priorities change? Might your positions change?
• How might the scenarios impact on your organisation’s resources and capacity to undertake policy/influencing work?

You can have a look at the scenarios and then join in with some of the discussions on their website here (signup required to comment). I have also posted up some newspaper headlines that participants at another event created which may really help you to get into the world of the scenarios and do some really creative thinking and planning! Some examples of headlines are: “Charity ends at home”, “New government department of the third sector: £400bn budget mooted”, “Labour limps through” – however, the majority are unfortunately rather negative so see if you can perhaps see some opportunities in the scenarios...?

Join the Policy Forum to join in these discussions and meet other policy workers.
The NCVO Policy forum is a free national network of policy workers across civil society. It supports policy workers by providing a range of free events, and networking opportunities, as well as downloadable resources.


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Third Sector Foresight

Scenarios are one aspect of ‘future-proofing’ your organisation. We’ve got a key expert in this at our annual conference – Richard Walsh comes from SAMI Consulting, whose lifeblood is helping organisations understand the barriers to developing future thinking and exploring how to overcome these.
Book a place at our conference for a chance to speak to Richard (among many other experts!):

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How will this affect your organisation? Have you considered it during your strategic planning? Can you share any interesting relevant links?

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