How will we use new technologies in five years time?

New 'Future Focus' pocket guide

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The current crop of what we might call 'new' technologies (including the internet, mobile telephony and digital television) has led and will continue to lead to changes and shifts in behaviour: from how we communicate, to making choices, and how and where we work. NCVO Third Sector Foresight and the Performance Hub have published the latest in their series of ‘Future Focus’ pocket guides introducing these changes in the external environment. This a practical guide that will help you and your organisation to make strategic choices and plan ahead. It discusses the following drivers:

  1. A wealth of information and choice
  2. Increasing ease of making new connections
  3. New ways to engage people
  4. Lower barriers to publishing and broadcasting
  5. Ability to work flexibly

The guides are aimed at small to medium sized VCOs, but we hope that everyone will find them useful.

Download for free

Hard copies available for £2.50, bulk discount and 'collect the set deals' also available.


Last updated at 13:08 Fri 19/Jun/09.
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