Happy birthday to us…

Today the Third Sector Foresight website is a year old! I’ve steered the website’s journey from when it was just a glimmer in Karl Wilding’s eye in 2004, through to today where we see almost 1000 individuals using the site to help them understand change and make better strategic decisions. So, I would like to share with you some of my highlights of the last 12 months…

My top ten posts and discussions:

  1. This summary of the seminar we held on the economic downturn includes links to presentations and audio files of the speakers
  2. Unfortunately he’s left NCVO now, but I’d still recommend visiting Pete Moorey’s page and reading his excellent posts on the changing political landscape
  3. In ‘Postcards from the music industry’, Karl looks at what the sector can learn from the disruptive changes that the music industry has faced since the birth of the internet and file-sharing
  4. In ‘Flexibility, honesty, collaboration: NGO futures in a complex and fluid world’, Richard Bennett explores the drivers shaping the future of international development NGOs
  5. The driver on ethical consumerism has been interesting because it has changed significantly over the last year as the economic slowdown has taken hold. There are also some very interesting points raised in the comments
  6. Nicholas Johnston’s tips on getting the most out of the SWOT tool is one of the most viewed pages on the website
  7. In ‘Scenarios and the difficulties in creating the axes of uncertainty’, Natalie, Caroline Copeman, Stephen Aguilar-Milan and I try to get to grips with the challenging (but rewarding) process of scenario planning
  8. Perhaps it’s not surprising given the topic, but our seminar on new technologies sparked some interesting debate online…
  9. Plausible and/or preferred futures’ debates the role of visioning in strategy development
  10. I think that the discussion about this driver on the rise of single issues has been particularly interesting

Other highlights of the year for me include:

  • A complete new set of clothes for the website when we changed our new look in July
  • Launching the new members map, which allows you to see which other Third Sector Foresight members work in your area (for example, here are all the members near me). Look out for more details on how to use the map in next month’s bulletin.
  • The moment, back in May, when the number of website members exceeded the number that had joined our previous email based network.

We are continuously working to improve the website and are always pleased to hear your suggestions, either here in the comments, or by email.

Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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How will this affect your organisation? Have you considered it during your strategic planning? Can you share any interesting relevant links?

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