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Will we see secondhand ebooks in the future?

This is a guest blog post by Karen Martin, who also blogs for bookleteer. You can connect on our site with Giles Lane, director of Proboscis who developed the bookleeter app.

Digitisation of a product often brings about a shift from the tangible to the immaterial. For example, exchanging music used to be about swapping CDs. Now we email MP3 files.  This change has implications for how these products are shared and exchanged as we no longer have to give away an item to be able to share. Russell D...

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New Year crystal ball round-up

I try to avoid making predictions because it is too easy to be wrong. Flying cars and robot house servants come to mind of examples where the speculations of futurists have been wrongly taken for predictions of the future’. Stephen Aguilar Milan, in Happy New Year

As the last year and decade drew to a close my twitter feed was filled with various musings on what the next year or decade might bring. Here are my top three highlights:

1. There are lots of technology related predictions around. I li...

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The impact of digital on zines

This is a guest blog post by Hazem Tagiuri, who also blogs for bookleteer. You can connect on our site with Giles Lane, director of Proboscis who developed the bookleeter app.

‘Zines’: will they survive the digital?

Recently I've been looking at ‘zines’, independent publications with small circulations, and how the way they are created and read is changing with the digital age.What happens to the hand-made aesthetic of zines when publication goes digital? And how much will this affect the valu...

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Spotlight on technology

Today I’m bringing you four of the most interesting things I’ve read recently on technology and its impact. Social capital, cloud computing, future scenarios and current trends – it’s all in here.

NCVO’s fantastic work on social capital in 2003 and 2008 highlighted that whilst many voluntary and community organisations bring like-minded people together (create ‘bonding social capital’), fewer encourage greater social cohesion and promote community relationships across divides (create ‘b...

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From Paper to Pixels

This is a guest blog post by Karen Martin, who also blogs for bookleteer. You can connect on our site with Giles Lane, director of Proboscis who developed the bookleeter app.

Kathryn, manager of this website, invited me to write about the current shift in publishing from paper books to eReaders. I’m going to suggest there are three ways of interacting with books and that the shift from paper to pixels has implications for each of them.

  1. Making:What is the effect on authors, designers and publishe...

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Collaborative consumption: the future?

I’ve been incubating this blog post idea for a good while now, ever since hearing about land sharing. NESTAs collaborative consumption event has prompted it to finally take shape on your screens.

The “current socio-economic zeitgeist”

The key speaker at the event was Rachel Botsman who authored "What's mine is yours".

Although an early start to the day, it was a great start. Why? Not just the enthusiasm and passion of the speakers but the focus of the event.

Did you know 80% of what we own is ...

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Social media: not the future of revolution?

So, lets not ignore the latest from Malcolm Gladwell, social media guru and author of The Tipping Point. Those of you with half an ear to the social media ground have probably been aware of the shockwaves he set off with his New Yorker article. The blogosphere is practically vibrating with responses, many of them twittering furiously to undermine Gladwell’s argument.

What provoked this? His opinion piece Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted posits that social media is not the fu...

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Training for CEOs

On Monday 11 October, we're running training in Cambridge. Aimed at those who plan for the future of their organisations (CEOs and the like), Making sense of your environment will help you in these turbulent times.

10 am - 1pm, at the Eastern Leadership Centre, Pampisford.

Book here

It will help you to:

  • isolate the external trends and forces (drivers) that matter to your organisation
  • find relevant information about your drivers
  • develop and evaluate options for strategic action
  • populate significant part...

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The future of books

Having long been an avid reader, a report on ‘the future of books’ was bound to catch my eye. As I’m sure you can guess, it talks about the emergence of ebooks and their implications for the older relative: the hardcopy book.

It’s a fascinating read, which covers six key drivers:

  1. Digitization of books (see our ease of publishing online driver)
  2. Emergence of wireless ebook readers
  3. Spread of wireless broadband (also have a look at our ubiquitous connectivity driver)
  4. Generational shift - (explore...

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Sharing: does online leave you hollow?

For strapped for cash charities, spreading information online can seem like a golden option. Think of the print and posting cost of your annual report and the idea of a pdf emailed out (or whatever version you use) beckons seductively.  But there is still a widespread wariness of engaging with web technologies for this. Sometimes such a view takes the form of top-level reluctance to, for example, engage with twitter; or manifests itself when an organisation plans and designs for publications to...

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