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See how our drivers work in action

Understanding how our drivers work

I found this diagram really helpful in understanding how our drivers relate, to each other and to any given organisation.

Your organisation sits within an 'operating environment' where changes are occuring which can clearly and directly impact on your work (eg shifts in funding, or government policies related to your field). Outside this is the wider 'external environment', a world of trends and events in the political, economic, social and technological spheres....

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Strategy and future uncertainty

This week I’ve read two interesting perspectives on planning and the future. Though very different, both pieces advocate greater exploration of uncertainty and looking further into the future when developing strategies.

In Dark Matter Futures, US futurist Frank Spencer makes a case for being open to unknown ideas and concepts, engaging in active exploration without committing to a single answer, and becoming comfortable with multiple possibilities when developing strategies. Why? Scientists adm...

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Lessons from foresight initiatives

This morning I was at a meeting of a ‘launch and review group’ for a Youth Foresight Unit being set up by Catch22. Rosie Chadwick, Catch22’s Director of National Programmes, asked me to introduce a discussion about ‘Pitfalls to avoid and ingredients of success’ by reflecting on lessons from our own foresight work. After consulting present and ex-colleagues, this is what we came up with.

Foresight and strategy

  • Consider from the start how the work will feed into strategic planning and get ...

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Will to change?

We have just completed an in-depth collaborative project with Disability Lib to find out more about what the future could hold for disabled people’s organisations. We'll be posting the drivers that Disability Lib came up with during our work with them into our drivers bank very soon – so keep an eye on the site or sign up to our bulletin if you want to make sure you catch them as they go up.

In the meantime, take a look at these great graphic summaries of what participants in a recent Foresig...

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Implications of the budget

First, apologies for the dry title: it feels like the puns have been taken a little too far, for example in the constant references to ‘axes’ across the front pages of all the major newspapers today. 

These give a pretty clear sense of the overall tone of the budget.  But how does that affect voluntary and community organisations, and more important, how can we anticipate and plan for the changes that may come as a result in the way we work, who we help, and who funds us?

Some major implicat...

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Reflections on yesterday's seminar

We had a great session yesterday afternoon at Third Sector Foresight’s latest Leading Lights seminar.  If you weren’t able to make the session, I hope this will give you a taste of what you missed. If you were one of those taking part in a bursting-at-the-seams room, I’d welcome your comments on what most struck you about the speakers and the discussions.  And if you’re interested in reading more, the links below will take you to drivers on key areas on our site.        

Tessy Br...

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Lessons from Labour

Some time back, I wrote about the lessons from the fall-out from One Alfred Place’s change of strategy, which was seen by some members as a voiding of the terms under which they joined the Club. We may now be seeing similar patterns at play in political party membership.

Maybe it’s something about the British loving an underdog, but Labour Party membership dramatically increased – with daily recruitment levels up 1000% (though from what must have been very low numbers based on a back of the...

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Private actions, public consequences

What One Alfred Place can teach us about how to treat your membership in the age of social media.

The private members club One Alfred Place is a very nice institution. I’ve had delicious lunches, relaxed teas and friendly drinks there, and admired the congenial, professional atmosphere and the people I’ve met.

But there’s trouble in paradise: the new Chief Executive, Sharon Brittan, has been forced to publicly apologise after emailing members to tell them their memberships have not been renewe...

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What do we value?

On the day we have officially come out of recession, and new research on our social attitudes has been published, I would recommend taking a look at the McKinsey interview with the extremely lucid Jim Wallis (you can watch, listen to or read it here on the McKinsey Quarterly website, though you will have to create a free account to do so).  In the light of the current discussions taking place at Davos, he suggests that the question we should be asking about the economic crisis is not ‘when will ...

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On trying to map membership

We had a great dinner for CEOs of the organisations involved in the Future of Membership project last night, which followed a productive – if exhausting – day of scenario planning for the full project think tank last week.

Over supper, we got into a long discussion as to why we have membership.  It’s a question that’s come up again and again throughout the project – what do we mean by membership?  Often, it really it depends on what each organisation says it is. 

We’ve tried througho...

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