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Will to change?

We have just completed an in-depth collaborative project with Disability Lib to find out more about what the future could hold for disabled people’s organisations. We'll be posting the drivers that Disability Lib came up with during our work with them into our drivers bank very soon – so keep an eye on the site or sign up to our bulletin if you want to make sure you catch them as they go up.

In the meantime, take a look at these great graphic summaries of what participants in a recent Foresig...

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Links for 17 December 2008

Here are the links we found interesting today:

Five types of inequality

Summary research findings by Joseph Rowntree Foundation on public consultation into inequality. Linked to a number of documents and findings.

Care and support - a community responsibility?

Findings from JRF on research into the future of care

The future of consumer advocacy


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Links for 9 July 2008

Here are the links we found interesting today:

Demos | Publications | The Future Face of Enterprise

Collection of essays articulating some of the key features of the future face of enterprise. Progressing this thinking into ideas for action is now the next challenge.

Demos | Publications | Making the most of collaboration

Discussion paper reporting on findings of recent research regarding collaboration, and setting out th...

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Links for 5 June 2008

Here are the links we found interesting today:

Conservative Green Paper - Voluntary Action in the 21st Century

Sets out broad policy agenda for the VCS for the first time since Cameron has been in power

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Links for 28 May 2008

Here are the links we found interesting today:

Demos pamphlet highlighting changing perceptions of privacy in the UK

Contains a collection of essays showing how social transformation, increasing surveillance and rapid technological innovation are redrawing the boundaries between the personal and the public, and argues that we need to all take responsibility for negotiating these new borders.

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