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Foresight training for community organisations

Good news! Foresight is working with Community Matters to deliver future planning training for community and grassroots organisations working at a local level on 9th and 22th this month.

If you're concerned that the organisation you work for, or volunteer with, isn't planning enough for its long term future, then this is the training for you.

Find out more about our training, and how to book here.




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An exciting new foresight unit is born

I spent a sunny morning today at a meeting of a ‘launch and review group’ for a Youth Foresight Unit being set up by Catch22. The meeting brought together Catch22 staff with some futurists, some policy stakeholders and the funder of the Unit, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (also a previous funder of our work).

One of the last things I did before going on maternity leave a year ago was talk to Rosie Chadwick, Catch22’s Director of National Programmes, about her dream for a Youth Foresight ...

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Challenging times ahead for your membership organisation?

This month, the RSA is planning to address some of the key issues facing membership organisations at a free keynote speech event:

The Big Society: Challenges and opportunities for membership organisations

Tuesday, October 26, from 6- 7:15pm, RSA - book now

As one of the outputs from NCVO Third Sector Foresight and the RSA's Future of Membership project, this event will capitalise on the expert knowledge built up through the original research into membership organisations undertaken over the past ye...

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Training for CEOs

On Monday 11 October, we're running training in Cambridge. Aimed at those who plan for the future of their organisations (CEOs and the like), Making sense of your environment will help you in these turbulent times.

10 am - 1pm, at the Eastern Leadership Centre, Pampisford.

Book here

It will help you to:

  • isolate the external trends and forces (drivers) that matter to your organisation
  • find relevant information about your drivers
  • develop and evaluate options for strategic action
  • populate significant part...

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Campaigning for a better future?

As a follow-up to our booked-out seminar, Campaigning Futures: What will campaigning look like in 5 years’ time, we’ll be running a companion e-seminar, From co-creation to mass participation, on the 28th October 3-5pm.

Are you struggling to keep up with new campaigning tools? Or are you ahead of the wave and already designing campaigns with one eye on emerging trends, such as changing expectations of participation, and the growth of interactive technologies?

Co-facilitated by NCVO’s Campaigni...

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Will to change?

We have just completed an in-depth collaborative project with Disability Lib to find out more about what the future could hold for disabled people’s organisations. We'll be posting the drivers that Disability Lib came up with during our work with them into our drivers bank very soon – so keep an eye on the site or sign up to our bulletin if you want to make sure you catch them as they go up.

In the meantime, take a look at these great graphic summaries of what participants in a recent Foresig...

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Some Southern insight

NCVO Third Sector Foresight are very pleased with how recent training with South West Forum went and - judging from our feedback - so were the participants:

“I found the workshop very insightful & stimulating and would love to work with colleagues on this process”

During both sessions of tailored training for South West-based leaders and development workers for infrastructure organisations, delegates were encouraged to identify the external trends or forces (drivers) most relevant to them.


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Future of Membership seminar

What does the future hold for membership schemes?

With membership levels declining across many organisations, how can you make sure your membership scheme remains active and relevant in the next 5 years? How will your scheme respond to changes in technology, increased threats from the commercial sector, and changing expectations of participation?

As a follow-up to the highly successful NCVO / RSA Future of Membership research project, NCVO Third Sector Foresight is very pleased to be able to offer...

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Wellbeing: a new paradigm or just a fad?

As someone with a long interest in language and how it is used, I am often fascinated by how changes of terminology take place. Suddenly people are using a new term, sometimes to refer to a new concept or approach, but sometimes the new term simply replaces an old one.  Well-being is not a new term or even a new concept, but it is certainly being used much more these days, and in different ways too.

I am a great believer in the idea of ‘confluence theory’, the notion that significant changes hap...

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Future of wellbeing: what does this mean for you and your organisation?

From debates on wellbeing as a political goal, to positive psychology 'wellbeing' is being used more and more. But what does this term mean? And more importantly, perhaps, what does it mean to civil society organisations?

Many charities have wellbeing at the heart of what they do, even if they don't realise it. The sector can play a vital role in this directing this issue to shape society into a good society.

Join us on 23 February for the Future of Wellbeing seminar (PM4) at NCVO's annual confere...

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