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New Year crystal ball round-up

I try to avoid making predictions because it is too easy to be wrong. Flying cars and robot house servants come to mind of examples where the speculations of futurists have been wrongly taken for predictions of the future’. Stephen Aguilar Milan, in Happy New Year

As the last year and decade drew to a close my twitter feed was filled with various musings on what the next year or decade might bring. Here are my top three highlights:

1. There are lots of technology related predictions around. I li...

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2010 Spending review - what does it mean for you?

Welcome to NCVO Foresight's roundup of information and thinking on the spending review.

What might it mean for you?

This page has

  • Headline details of the cuts
  • Responses from the sector
  • Our key drivers to help you plan strategically
  • External support


Some thoughts on the spending review

This page has NCVO Sustainable Funding team's pithy analysis of what the spending review might mean for you.

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Some thoughts on the spending review

I thought this was a rather readable and useful piece from my colleagues over in the Sustainable Funding team. So with their permission, I have reproduced it here.


The long-awaited spending review is out and at a first glance the picture looks as opaque as ever, with front-line decisions still to be announced now the top-level budgets have been allocated. We’ve taken a look at the spending review and digested the main points and suggestions for action. We’ve tried not to duplicate analysi...

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Collaborative consumption: the future?

I’ve been incubating this blog post idea for a good while now, ever since hearing about land sharing. NESTAs collaborative consumption event has prompted it to finally take shape on your screens.

The “current socio-economic zeitgeist”

The key speaker at the event was Rachel Botsman who authored "What's mine is yours".

Although an early start to the day, it was a great start. Why? Not just the enthusiasm and passion of the speakers but the focus of the event.

Did you know 80% of what we own is ...

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Interning and the voluntary sector – a fair deal for employee and employer?

The current state of the economy has led many to the door of the local job centre, but one group in particular has felt the harsh effects of recession. With graduate unemployment currently standing at 14% (Hepi Report 2010), many graduates are realising that a good degree is not enough to get them on the career ladder. So they’re turning to internships to get their foot in the door.

Scrutinising your CV as another job rejection letter comes through the door you realise that maybe it’s going to ...

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What might the spending review mean for you?

We've brought you the top lines and pointers on how to ride the wave of the comprehensive spending review.

Some headlines

Responses from the sector

What this means for you

Other support to help you through

Spending Review

20 October 2010

Among the details announced were:

  • £470m over the next four years will go towards building the voluntary sector's capacity so that it can deliver the government's Big Society agenda. This will provide 5,000 new community organisers, and a pilot for the National Citizen S...

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Training for CEOs

On Monday 11 October, we're running training in Cambridge. Aimed at those who plan for the future of their organisations (CEOs and the like), Making sense of your environment will help you in these turbulent times.

10 am - 1pm, at the Eastern Leadership Centre, Pampisford.

Book here

It will help you to:

  • isolate the external trends and forces (drivers) that matter to your organisation
  • find relevant information about your drivers
  • develop and evaluate options for strategic action
  • populate significant part...

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Sharing: does online leave you hollow?

For strapped for cash charities, spreading information online can seem like a golden option. Think of the print and posting cost of your annual report and the idea of a pdf emailed out (or whatever version you use) beckons seductively.  But there is still a widespread wariness of engaging with web technologies for this. Sometimes such a view takes the form of top-level reluctance to, for example, engage with twitter; or manifests itself when an organisation plans and designs for publications to...

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Hand in hand into the sunset?

A title with more than a whiff of cheddar – I apologise! But the event I went to earlier this week left me feeling as optimistic as the title suggests. I attended the NCVO Corporate Community Involvement Seminar: A Climate for Change? A couple of coporate-charity partnerships presented: Sky and Global Action Plan, followed by WSP and Resources for Autism, and some thoughts from BITC’s Business and the Environment Campaign Director Jim Haywood, all pithily chaired by Dame Julia Cleverdon of B...

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Implications of the budget

First, apologies for the dry title: it feels like the puns have been taken a little too far, for example in the constant references to ‘axes’ across the front pages of all the major newspapers today. 

These give a pretty clear sense of the overall tone of the budget.  But how does that affect voluntary and community organisations, and more important, how can we anticipate and plan for the changes that may come as a result in the way we work, who we help, and who funds us?

Some major implicat...

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