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See how our drivers work in action

Understanding how our drivers work

I found this diagram really helpful in understanding how our drivers relate, to each other and to any given organisation.

Your organisation sits within an 'operating environment' where changes are occuring which can clearly and directly impact on your work (eg shifts in funding, or government policies related to your field). Outside this is the wider 'external environment', a world of trends and events in the political, economic, social and technological spheres....

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Spotlight on technology

Today I’m bringing you four of the most interesting things I’ve read recently on technology and its impact. Social capital, cloud computing, future scenarios and current trends – it’s all in here.

NCVO’s fantastic work on social capital in 2003 and 2008 highlighted that whilst many voluntary and community organisations bring like-minded people together (create ‘bonding social capital’), fewer encourage greater social cohesion and promote community relationships across divides (create ‘b...

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Strategy and future uncertainty

This week I’ve read two interesting perspectives on planning and the future. Though very different, both pieces advocate greater exploration of uncertainty and looking further into the future when developing strategies.

In Dark Matter Futures, US futurist Frank Spencer makes a case for being open to unknown ideas and concepts, engaging in active exploration without committing to a single answer, and becoming comfortable with multiple possibilities when developing strategies. Why? Scientists adm...

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What will public sector consumers look like in 50 years?

I came across this presentation the other day on LinkedIn.

It was written in Autumn last year, so quite a lot has changed since then. But I thought it was a good presentation of how you can take different factors into consideration...and how you end up with strategic analysis thinking.

And given it was written over a year ago, it presages many of today's current concerns such as Big Society engagement and the changing relationship between consumers and the state. It also has interesting implicatio...

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2010 Spending review - what does it mean for you?

Welcome to NCVO Foresight's roundup of information and thinking on the spending review.

What might it mean for you?

This page has

  • Headline details of the cuts
  • Responses from the sector
  • Our key drivers to help you plan strategically
  • External support


Some thoughts on the spending review

This page has NCVO Sustainable Funding team's pithy analysis of what the spending review might mean for you.

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Some thoughts on the spending review

I thought this was a rather readable and useful piece from my colleagues over in the Sustainable Funding team. So with their permission, I have reproduced it here.


The long-awaited spending review is out and at a first glance the picture looks as opaque as ever, with front-line decisions still to be announced now the top-level budgets have been allocated. We’ve taken a look at the spending review and digested the main points and suggestions for action. We’ve tried not to duplicate analysi...

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Foresight training for community organisations

Good news! Foresight is working with Community Matters to deliver future planning training for community and grassroots organisations working at a local level on 9th and 22th this month.

If you're concerned that the organisation you work for, or volunteer with, isn't planning enough for its long term future, then this is the training for you.

Find out more about our training, and how to book here.




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From Paper to Pixels

This is a guest blog post by Karen Martin, who also blogs for bookleteer. You can connect on our site with Giles Lane, director of Proboscis who developed the bookleeter app.

Kathryn, manager of this website, invited me to write about the current shift in publishing from paper books to eReaders. I’m going to suggest there are three ways of interacting with books and that the shift from paper to pixels has implications for each of them.

  1. Making:What is the effect on authors, designers and publishe...

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Collaborative consumption: the future?

I’ve been incubating this blog post idea for a good while now, ever since hearing about land sharing. NESTAs collaborative consumption event has prompted it to finally take shape on your screens.

The “current socio-economic zeitgeist”

The key speaker at the event was Rachel Botsman who authored "What's mine is yours".

Although an early start to the day, it was a great start. Why? Not just the enthusiasm and passion of the speakers but the focus of the event.

Did you know 80% of what we own is ...

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Interning and the voluntary sector – a fair deal for employee and employer?

The current state of the economy has led many to the door of the local job centre, but one group in particular has felt the harsh effects of recession. With graduate unemployment currently standing at 14% (Hepi Report 2010), many graduates are realising that a good degree is not enough to get them on the career ladder. So they’re turning to internships to get their foot in the door.

Scrutinising your CV as another job rejection letter comes through the door you realise that maybe it’s going to ...

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