2008 News

Money, money, money…

Despite the current economic climate, it appears that long-term, regular charitable giving is on the rise.  UK Giving 2008, found that although cash donations have fallen, the amount of planned giving has risen, with donations by direct debit rising from £2.4billion to £2.5billion, whilst payroll giving increased from £88million to £96million, and overall, giving before the banking crisis was at a record £10.6billion.

These figures seem very positive, but, given the current economic climat...

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Four scenarios for the global economic downturn

That we have entered a UK recession is a certainty, but that doesn’t make it easy to plan for because there remains a great deal of uncertainty about the shape that the downturn will take, as explored in this article in the McKinsey Quarterly (free registration required).

Uncertainty surrounds not only the downturn’s depth and duration—though these are decidedly big unknowns—but also the very future of a global economic order until recently characterized by free-flowing capital and trade and by...

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Links for 17 December 2008

Here are the links we found interesting today:

Five types of inequality

Summary research findings by Joseph Rowntree Foundation on public consultation into inequality. Linked to a number of documents and findings.

Care and support - a community responsibility?

Findings from JRF on research into the future of care

The future of consumer advocacy


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Call for partners to work on foresight projects in specialist sectors

We've had some interesting applications for this project, but would love to hear from you if you think it would be something you could benefit from! Don't forget the deadline is this Friday...

Are the organisations you support bogged down with day to day problems with no time to look ahead?

  • Do you want some space to think about how external factors will impact on the organisations you support in the medium to long term?
  • Do you want to help organisations to respond positively and proactively?
  • Do you ...

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Join us to explore the future of membership


You have been directed to this page because it has been linked to as the key page on this website relating to membership. This page has now been superseded by the Future of Membership project homepage.

On the project homepage you can find full details about the project and links to blog posts written about the future of membership, as well as contact details and ways to get involved.


Original Page:

NCVO and the RSA are bringing together a consortium of leading charities from across civil s...

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Foresight - insight

Each month for our bulletin we ask a member for their insight into challenges and opportunities facing the VCS (voluntary and community sector).

As a Christmas treat, we thought we'd turn the tables a bit this month and give you insights into us!

Unless you've come on training or events we've organised, chances are you won't have met any of the Foresight team. For the last month or so we've had a member of another organisation sitting with us as part of our work with subsectoral organisations. Her...

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What happens to the sector in a downturn?

On Monday NCVO hosted an economic summit to discuss the best ways to support the sector in the likelihood of a recession in the months to come. In preparation for the summit, Karl looked for available evidence about what happens to the voluntary and community sector in economic downturns, including both historical and contemporary evidence from the UK and abroad. It was an interesting and challenging task, as Karl explains:

Evidence about what happens to the sector in a downturn is limited and of...

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Global Trends 2025 - the US intelligence perspective

The lead Guardian story last Friday was 2025: the “end of US power”. The quote is taken from Global Trends 2025, the latest environmental analysis by the US’s National Intelligence Council. This is strategic analysis by some of the best, most informed strategic analysts on the planet. So, I thought it might be interesting to have a quick look from a more generic perspective – I’ll leave you to decide whether the Guardian’s headline of choice was representative of the content.

First ...

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Make campaigners history? The impact of large scale campaigns

In 1985 Live Aid changed the way people thought about and participated in campaigning.  For the first time in history, activism was not confined to the zealous few devoting their lives to the cause; the campaign opened up participation to all, and in doing so, made people feel that their actions could make a difference and indeed ‘feed the world’.  The success of this campaign saw rise to other mass campaigns; Children in Need and Comic Relief became annual TV bonanzas, raising millions of...

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The latest Foresight seminar: X and Y

In this time of economic uncertainty, it is more vital than ever that you have a committed, effective workforce. Recruiting is a costly business, which no-one wants to have to do too often!

Do you understand what may impact on workforce in the future? What external trends and forces can change the shape of your workforce? This awareness and planning is key to attracting and retaining a workforce that will enable your organisation to realise its full potential.

This NCVO Third Sector Foresight semi...

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