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Charitable giving and fundraising in a digital world

Today we're launching the third in our series of ICT Foresight reports, each of which looks at a different aspect of how ICT is changing how the sector works, and particularly the relationship between organisations and their stakeholders.

The report is free to download as a pdf (or you can request a hard copy by emailing Catherine Morgan). The summary for those with less time is below.

But first, third sector this week reported a new site called My Charity Page, which will launch in January. The s...

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Adventures in strategy

Last year we ran a series of strategy seminars with the Performance Hub and these have now been turned into a series of interesting think pieces covering issues that we all face such as how to ensure your organisation stays on mission in spite of a challenging funding environment or whether to compete or collaborate. Each ‘Adventures in Strategy’ briefing explores five strategic issues to help you consider the theory and practice of your approach:

1: Renewing your strategy

2: Involving users...

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Charitable giving is falling

New stats released today by NCVO and CAF reveal that charitable giving by the public fell 3% in the last year. The total amount given in 2006/07 was £9.5bn, 3% down from 2005/06 when accounting for inflation. The proportion of the UK population that made a donation also dropped by 3% to 54%. Is this the first indication that an economic downturn is impacting on charitable giving? Rising debt and insecurity following the credit crunch have certainly dented consumer confidence (last week Nationwi...

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How will we use new technologies in five years time?

New 'Future Focus' pocket guide

Future Focus 3 cover image

The current crop of what we might call 'new' technologies (including the internet, mobile telephony and digital television) has led and will continue to lead to changes and shifts in behaviour: from how we communicate, to making choices, and how and where we work. NCVO Third Sector Foresight and the Performance Hub have published the latest in their series of ‘Future Focus’ pocket guides introducing these changes in the external environment. This a practical guide ...

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Yesterday's Foresight seminar on new technologies - lets keep talking!

Yesterday we re-started our popular series of Foresight seminars with a seminar which explored the impact of new technologies on the VCS. It was a well attended event with over 40 participants. This was just right for the interactive format we used and according to the feedback we've received, seems to have gone down well. Some of the participants have been already putting into practice some of the issues we discussed on the day via their own blogs - see Paul Henderson from Ruralnet's I-see-T d...

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Your feedback has helped us improve the 'Voluntary Sector Strategic Analysis'

Every year NCVO Third Sector Foresight’s main publication - the 'Voluntary Sector Strategic Analysis' (VSSA) goes out to over 4500 NCVO members and we ask for their thoughts on how we can improve the publication. Over the years the VSSA has become a widely used and referenced publication for many VCOs as it has evolved into a more readable, accessible and relevant publication. This year’s 'Voluntary Sector Strategic Analysis' received the highest ratings we’ve ever had, with 58% and 28% of r...

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Debate the burning issues facing civil society

NCVO Third Sector Foresight is hosting a seminar at the next NCVO Annual Conference on 20 February 2008.

The seminar will explore a number of burning issues facing VCOs in the medium to long term future, looking out to 2025, drawing on the Carnegie UK Trust's Inquiry into the future of civil society in the UK and Ireland. As we develop our thoughts on which burning issues we will be exploring I'll be posting them here. Anyone who was at last night's excellent Tomorrow Project event on the future ...

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The future of citizenship - NCVO Third Sector Foresight seminar

How will changing notions and behaviours of citizenship affect your organisation and how should you respond?

This will be the topic of the next in our popular series of NCVO Third Sector Foresight seminars.  Read on to book your free place at the seminar on 17 January, from 2.30 to 5pm in London.

What is happening?

The ways in which people are engaging with both the state and with each other are changing as ideas about what it means to be a 'citizen' shift. This will have implications for the heal...

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Collaborative working annual conference

Collaborate for a stronger, more successful and sustainable sector!

Collaborative working is increasingly becoming one of the key issues for the sector and is an important strategic issue for every organisation. This year's Collaborative Working Conference will provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and experience, and contribute to the development of the collaborative working agenda.

The event will use the interactive Open Space method – an approach that maximises participation, enabling ...

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Thoughts from the NCVO political conference (part 2)

After discussing the (potentially?) changing role of VCOs in the political sphere, the panel at NCVO's political conference last week moved on to address a question about the place of the VCS within the different political parties' visions for society. Or to use the turn of phrase of the questioner: 'Is the government/VCS love-in just a trend or is it here to stay?'

Shaun's view was that VCOs are becoming an arm of government and are too cowardly to resist this. As to whether this would continue,...

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