Research drivers

Once you know what the key drivers are that will impact on your organisation, you need to find out more about them.

There are three important categories of information about your drivers:

  • what is already known by you and those around you
  • what is readily available from outside your organisation, often analysis produced by others which may only need adapting slightly to meet your needs
  • what needs more effort on your part to seek out and analyse.

The already known information is part of your organisation’s knowledge bank and exists either in documents or in people’s heads.

You might be surprised just how much is lying around. You just need to tease it out and store it in an accessible way, ready for analysis. Given how closely people in your organisation work with the issues that your beneficiaries face they can be seen as experts; you may just need to do some filtering.

The readily available information is from outside your organisation where someone else has collected, analysed and stored it for you – you just need to find and access it.

This website provides one source of this readily available information.  Each of the drivers on the website links through to further research, analysis and other information about the driver.  This would be a good place to start learning more about your key drivers.

Found some useful information? Publish it on your profile or send it to us and we can add it to the website

The other information is new knowledge that needs to be sought out. It needs effort to seek it out.

As you search for this information you might like to add it to your profile.

For a detailed guide to researching strategic drivers (particularly finding new knowledge), complete with practical exercises and case examples, read our guide to understanding the external environment, Looking Out (published by NCVO)

The next stage of strategic analysis is considering the impact of drivers on your organisation

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