Campaigning Futures: What will campaigning be like in 5 years' time?

On 28th October 2010, Rachel Beer, co-founder of beautiful world, and Dan Glass, grass roots campaigner for Plane Stupid and So We Stand, joined us to help us understand what some key future threats and opportunities are for campaigning over the next 5 years. We also featured a specially recorded interview with Amy Sample Ward, from Netsquared, about the role of co-created campaigns in the future.

We had a full house for the morning, and attracted delegates from a broad range of campaigning backgrounds, and with very different aims, objectives, and levels of experience. Rather than segment the delegates along organisational lines, we chose to mix them up so that the most common issues that are likely to affect all campaigning organisations could be explored.

Common concerns that emerged during the session

  • Competition and coalitions between campaigns and campaigning organisations, particularly in light of funding uncertainty.
  • "Clicktivism"; the growth in online activism replacing "real" action and / or donations.
  • Effective use of new media, and managing the shift from traditional top-down campaigns to "flatter" social-media lead campaigns.

"Social Media and Campaigning"

Rachel Beer gave us some examples of effective campaigns that integrate campaigning and fundraising to make the most of new technologies, and illustrate their potential. She also looked at campaigns that create deeper engagement with supporters through their use of social media. She's written her own blog post about the day, where you can also see her presentation slides.

"Marginalisation of Dissent"

Dan Glass talked about the growing trend towards more fluid activism and single issue campaigns. He also discussed how the policing of direct action was likely to change, and the importance of understanding the relationship between "formal" campaigning, and direct action methods. He also took part in our e-seminar on campaigning futures, and you can read his comments on leaderless e-campaigning on the Forum for Change website.

"The Role of Co-Creation"

Amy Sample Ward gave us a great interview on the role of co-creation in the future of both online and offline campaigns. She looked at both the threats and opportunities of launching co-creating campaigns, and addressed some of the fears that people might have about using this model themselves. You can watch her interview and read her responses to an online Q&A on the Forum for Change website.

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