Trust in institutions (charities and the govt)

The public is increasingly concerned about ‘trust’.  As the public have greater access to information, the level of trust in institutions, including those previously regarded as experts, is declining.  Traditionally trust in charities has been based on an 'inherent belief' that charities will spend wisely and effectively rather than any rational knowledge on how they operate.  However, this trust has been shaken, partly due to the public reaction to some fundraising practices.  In response charities are becoming more transparent and adopting new mechanisms for accountability.

What are the implications?

This driver is a stub and will be completed soon.  Here we will explore the broad implications of the driver.

Moving forward

This driver is a stub and will be completed soon.  Here we will explore the potential impact of the driver on VCOs

Want to know more?

The Trouble With Trust: Building Confidence in Institutions -

Published by: BBC

Date: January 2008

Format: Web

What is it? A transcript of a speech by BBC Director General Mark Thompson about trust

How useful is this? A short and interesting speech about the relationship between the media and public institutions and the impact that has on trust, drawing on lessons from the BBC. Some of the ideas are particularly relevant to charities who, like the BBC, are relatively well trusted.

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