Mobile technology

Mobile phones are now embedded in British life, with texting a particularly popular way to communicate for many groups. The internet is no longer only available through computers.  More and more mobile phones operate like computers, with internet access features. Payments can be made through phones meaning that phones will increasingly function as wallets.

What are the implications?

  • The availability of the internet ‘on the go’ contributes to the ‘always on’ 24-7 society
  • Mobile fundraising is likely to grow as the public become more used to using their phones to make payments
  • Contributes to a potential future cashless economy, which may disadvantage some groups
  • Pressures to make websites that can be viewed well on small screens
  • Opportunities to reach and mobilise new groups through texting
  • Systems can be set up to transfer money to individuals by phone (for example microfinance schemes in Africa)
  • Opportunities for more efficient delivery of services (for example text reminders improve attendance at appointments
  • Provides new ways of keeping in touch with clients
  • Global positioning technologies allow organisations to deliver location specific advice and information
  • Mobile phone interactions are captured and stored by telecoms providers, with implications for civil liberties (see aggregation and storage of data)

Moving forward

Considering the implications above, your organisation may want to explore the role of mobile telephones in:

  • Your marketing and communications
  • Your service delivery
  • Your fundraising

For example:

Mobile phones may appeal to groups your organisation currently does not work with. Are there opportunities to expand the reach of your organisation and engage new groups, perhaps for campaigning or extending the reach of your services?

For organisations that can potentially fundraise from individuals, there are opportunities to fundraise in new ways that may appeal to groups that do not respond to your current campaigns. Can you learn from other organisations that are innovating in this area?

All organisations that work with individual clients may be able to deliver services in more effective ways by considering the role that mobile phones can play.

Want to know more?

This section will be completed soon.  Here we will link to external documents and resources for further reading.

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