Global and local disability movement(s)

Better understanding of the relationships between local and specific communities across the globe and their social issues have been facilitated by online information sharing technologies. 

What are the implications?

  • Understanding the benefits of global relationships offers opportunities for disabled peoples organisations to form remote partnerships and support networks, both between disabled people and across broader social issues, such as poverty or other areas of inequalities.
  • Ensuring that local communities are politically engaged with a broad range of global equality issues will provide platforms for sharing specific knowledge to facilitate personal connections.   
  • In the UK the localism agenda emphasises participatory democracy and encourages citizens to take an active role in local government decision making.  DPOs that can effectively facilitate and represent disabled peoples voices on local issues, but also draw on broader / global perspectives will help diversity and inclusion agendas progress, by presenting a wider view.   
  • Changes in demographics such as migration, and population growth (driven by older people living longer and more disabled children surviving), mean a greater need for robust, flexible disability equality initiatives to be advocated.      
  • Understanding the links between disability and poverty and the actions necessary to address these can inform and strengthen your mission and effectiveness.

Moving Forward

  • What relationships do you have with others across the globe and in other areas of interest?  How do you ensure your organisation is current, politically aware and regularly informs your constituency?
  • Do you have opportunities to work with different communities locally? Do you share issues and values? Are you involved in tackling broader issues like poverty, health inequalities or racism?
  • What does the localism agenda mean to you? Do you engage with local or central government? If so, how and what prompts you to do this? 
  • What are the key issues facing your members/constituents? How can you ensure these are effectively raised within the local decision making structures?

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Disability Awareness in Action

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What is it? Disability Awareness in Action is an information network on disability and human rights.

How useful is this? Website which brings together news and resources highlighting the rights and entitlements of disabled people

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