Support for infrastructure and umbrellas

Third Sector Foresight is providing new and dedicated support to umbrella and infrastructure organisations as part of Improving Support, funded by Capacity Builders. We are working with the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School and Yorkshire and Humber Regional Forum.

To sign-up to receive dedicated information about our support for umbrella and infrastructure organisations, join the website and tell us that you work for an infrastructure or umbrella organisation when asked.

Our support is aimed at:

  • individuals who set the strategic direction of their organisation, plan and manage change (eg Chief Officers, Chairs, Senior Managers)
  • individuals who support other VCOs with understanding and responding to change (eg through business planning, writing funding bids etc.)

We will help you:

  • develop your skills to understand a fast changing environment
  • demonstrate and share your expertise about change and learn from others
  • respond to change by using new knowledge to make better strategic decisions and manage change
  • use simple and relevant tools with frontline organisations to help them understand change and plan more effectively

Our package of support includes:

  • A bank of up-to-date information about change on this website, provided by NCVO and by other umbrella and infrastructure organisations (for example, see Mark from YHRF’s page)
  • A tailored monthly bulletin (to sign up, simply join the website and tell us that you work for an infrastructure or umbrella organisation when asked) and dedicated forum discussing the key trends for infrastructure and umbrella organisations.
  • Free bulk orders of the Future Focus series of pocket guides to drivers to distribute to frontline organisations. Details of how to sign up for free bulk orders.
  • A programme of events for chief officers and chairs of umbrella and infrastructure organisations 
  • A programme of practical workshops for development workers and others supporting the front line
  • Useful, practical and relevant materials for you to use when working with frontline organisations to help them understand and respond to change

Want to know more? There are further details on the Improving Support website. Or if you'd like to talk to one of the team about how we can support you, call us on 020 7520 2510.

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Demonstrating the difference : research report by CES on how infratsructure organisations demonstarte the difference they make. For the full report please use this link

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