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"It's good to see technology foresight starting from social benefits rather than latest tools"

How can your organisation take advantage of the strategic opportunities that ICT presents? How will it face the challenges? Our ICT Foresight reports help you answer these questions.

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Public Services

Published: April 2008.

ICT public services cover imageThis report looks at emerging trends in innovative use of new technology to run organisations and public services. It uses case studies to consider the of digital TV and video to provide remote support; open exchange for partners and stakeholders to collaborate effectively online; greater accessibility to information and the use of call centres and online self-help tools.

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Charitable giving and fundraising in a digital world

Published: December 2007

ICTForesight_CharitableGiving_thumbThis report explores the tools available for electronic giving, such as websites and mobile phones.  It looks at the impact of technology on traditional marketing methods and at how to adapt to a cultural change in managing donors to ensure these tools are used effectively.

Download this report (PDF, 673kb)

How online communities can make the net work for the VCS

Published: March 2007

ICT-F-social-networks_thumbThis report examines the impact of online communities and social networking technologies on the VCS in a range of areas, including: membership; fundraising; marketing and campaigning; transparency; and knowledge management. 

Download this report (PDF, 1.3MB)

Campaigning and consultation in the age of participatory media

Published: October 2006

ICT Foresight campaiging and collaboratin thumb This report examines the impact of ICT on the sector's 'voice' and advocacy roles by exploring consultation and campaigning.  It explains technological, political and social trends outlining future risks and opportunities and highlighting examples of innovative use of ICT.

Download this report (PDF, 580kb)


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